Tsehay Real Estate

Tsehay Real Estate


Tsehay Real Estate PLC is established in June 2011 by CGC Overseas construction (Ethiopia) LTD and Mr. Qian Xiao, both of these two shareholders have rich experience in the construction of infrastructure, as well as international trading business in Ethiopia nearly for fourteen (14) years.

As the first project of the company, Polilotus International Center was developed with the purpose of setting up a brand new living standard and modern city images for this international transport, political, economic and cultural hub city of the African continent. Tsehay Real Estate is working with a motto “create a center, change a city”.

CMC Land City Complex Project, Polilotus International Centre, which is being developed by Tsehay Real Estate Private Limited Company over an area of 30,000 m² plot of land allocated as a special development by the City Government of Addis Ababa, is a large scale city complex of international standard. This project includes high level business office buildings, luxurious resort restaurants, and shopping mall, high quality living apartments, children playground, and sport venues, underground and ground parking lots adjacent to the so called CMC Meri road next to CMC Roundabout Yeka sub city Woreda 13.

This huge project has costed an estimate of three billion birr, which will bring an International standard city complex to the Nation’s capital, Addis Ababa, seat of African Union, UNECA and home of high concentration of International diplomatic community.

The company has completed thirteen (13) G+12 buildings within Eight months. This construction speed with high quality standard achieved using advanced construction technology and dedicated work discipline.

The construction schedule was so tight and had been ready for delivery as per contract on time. You can guess the company’s tight schedule which can be a good lesson for Ethiopian construction and real estate industry. This project creates job for more than 500 temporary and permanent Ethiopian workers. Moreover, its contribution for Knowledge, Technology and Know-how Transfer and upgrading the country’s construction industry and the city image is paramount.