Noah Real Estate

Noah Real Estate

We Don't Sell What's Not Built


Noah Real Estate PLC. was established in 2013 and have since delivered 5 residential and 4 commercial mid to large scale projects, with additional 7 projects under development at various sites in Addis Ababa.

Noah is a highly esteemed company with a strong financial foundation and state-of-the-art design innovation. This combination enables us to construct powerful visions and has the potential to evoke an immediate desire to tour the interior.

Noah strives to contribute significantly to the real estate sector. Our motto “design, build and deliver” is derived from our determination to provide an exceptional buyer experience for our customers. We go above and beyond the prevailing practice of selling real estate. We develop, acquire, and manage properties.

Our approach can simply be summarized as responsible selling. Once our masterpieces are built, we offer them for sale. Delivery is made upon full completion of each detail within the building.

Our vision is bold. To become the leading brand in the real estate sector and be synonymous with quality performance – in design, in build, and in delivery of superior construction.

Noah is a sister company of Great Abyssinia PLC, a renowned FMCG company with brands you love, such as Abyssinia Coffe, Prigat, Tulip, Aby soda drinks with various flavors and in a recent prestigious deal also partnered up with Nestlé in water bottling, continuation of the Abyssinia Springs brand.